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Aloe vera farming business- profit of lakhs can be obtained every month by doing business of aloe vera farming, profit can be obtained in aloe vera business in 2 ways, in today’s post we will understand that how to start aloe vera farming business What are those two ways and what are the varieties of aloe vera to start aloe vera farming business and what kind of space is required to start aloe vera business and where can it be bought and where But can be sold so let’s know how to start aloe vera farming business

Aloe Vera Farming Business

Aloe vera business can be started in two ways, first by aloe vera cultivation and second by juice or powder-making machine.

  • Aloe Vera is used to making medicines and cosmetics.
  • Very little cost is required to start this business
  • In this business, the profit is more than the cost
  • Aloe vera farming business or aloe vera cultivation is suitable in any season
  • Once planted in Aloe Vera cultivation, the crop can be obtained for 3 years.

Aloe vera is a type of plant, it is natural as well as it has a special place in its properties. Aloe vera has many types of properties. Aloe vera is especially known for its antibiotic properties. Along with it, antibiotic jaggery, as well as antifungal properties, are also found, aloe vera is used in different works not only in India but in other countries.

Aloe Vera Varieties Used in Aloe Vera Cultivation

There are many such species used in the cultivation of aloe vera, which is used in different works due to their different properties.

  • aloe chinensis
  • aloe abyssinica
  • aloe littoralis

These three species are mainly used in the form of cultivation in India and this species is also the most popular in India, although higher species also exist in India, which have different models such as – IEC 111271, IEC 1112269 AAAL1.

How to Cultivate Aloe Vera It is very easy to start the business of Aloe Vera cultivation, if we talk about the weather for the cultivation of Aloe Vera, then the rainy season is considered better for its cultivation, although the places with moisture are more suitable for its cultivation. But it is not that if you do not have a place with moisture, then you cannot do farming.

One thing that should always be kept in mind to start this business while cultivating aloe vera, is that the place where you are going to start this business should be moist but there should not be water logging in that place. Whenever choosing a place to start this business, choose the place a little higher than other areas as water logging can damage the plants.

Aloe Vera Farming Business equipment

  • about one hectare of land
  • Source of water to retain moisture on the soil (depending on the need)
  • Manure material (phosphorus, urea, potash, cow dung)
  • tillage system
  • aloe vera plants for planting

How to Cultivate Aloe Vera

For the cultivation of Aloe Vera, first, a moist place is selected, for cultivating Aloe Vera in 1 hectare of land, first the field is plowed, after that 10 kg of cow dung, Potash 33 kg, Phosphorus 150 kg, Urea 120 kg. After mixing all these well, it is sprayed in the fields. After spraying the manure in the fields, the field is plowed once more to mix the manure well. Small plants are transplanted. After transplanting the plants, they are also irrigated with light water.

Although, while planting aloe vera plants, a distance of at least 50 cm should be kept between the beds. The best time to cultivate aloe vera is the month of February and March, but aloe vera can be cultivated throughout the year. About 10000 plants can be planted in one hectare of land.

Harvesting Aloe Vera Plants

Once the aloe vera plants are planted, their crop is ready in about 8 to 10 months, after which it can be harvested and after harvesting, its yield also starts increasing.

Aloe Vera production

If 10000 plants are planted in one hectare of land, then about 50% profit can be obtained in first harvesting outside crop and in second third harvesting due to increase in its yield after first harvesting. More profit of 15 to 20% can be obtained

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aloe vera farming investment

Nothing can be said with certainty about the cost involved in aloe vera business because it depends on your land and the number of plants but according to an estimate, about 50000 rupees to start this business. Required by which we can easily start this business

Aloe vera farming business profit

However, if we talk about profits in this business, then you can easily get a profit of five to six lakhs by spending only 50000 to 60,000 against the cost of starting this business.

Aloe vera gel business

As we have already understood that in the aloe vera business, you can start an aloe vera juice business or aloe vera gel business, if you want to start an aloe vera gel business, then you can start your own aloe vera gel business. First, we have to know how to make aloe vera gel, so let’s know

How to make aloe vera gel

About 400 ml of aloe vera gel can be made from a bundle of leaves of a healthy plant of aloe vera. To make aloe vera gel, first of all, remove the top peel of aloe vera leaves, remove the top peel, and put it in the machine. Mix it well, if this gel is too thick, then you can also add water as required and sell it in the markets, or else the company that demands aloe vera gel from you, you can supply aloe vera gel there though. If you do the aloe vera gel business with aloe vera cultivation then you can get a lot of profit.

How To Start Aloe Vera Gel Business

At least 1000 square feet of space is required to start aloe vera gel business as well as you need an aloe vera gel machine inside which aloe vera gel is prepared your aloe vera gel machine You can buy it online at the place where you are starting the aloe vera gel business. Want more information about this machine then click on this link Aloe Vera Machine Juice Extracting

However, if you want to start this business, then first you should take a good look at your surrounding area and see the demand for aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice there, as well as if there is a company or any industries around you. But aloe vera juice is needed only after that you start this business, however, if you want to cultivate aloe vera then you can start it easily.


In today’s post, we understood about Aloe Vera cultivation and the Aloe Vera juice business, hope you will understand all this information, if you like the post, then share it with friends and relatives, thank you

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