Knowing the benefits of drinking pot water, Clay Pot Water Best Benefits

Drinking pot water is very beneficial for health, right here the water of the fridge can prove to be harmful to health, let’s know-how?

Benefits of drinking pot water

In the summer season, whenever someone feels very thirsty, they run towards the fridge, but even in the olden days, people used to quench their thirst by drinking cold water from the pitcher, although even today many people like to drink pot water very much. They believe that drinking water from the pitcher is very beneficial for health, whereas if we talk about refrigerator water here, then refrigerator water can prove to be harmful to health.

In the olden days, earthen pots were used to store water. It becomes delicious, but this is not the only reason to drink the water of the pot, there are many such minerals inside the water of the pot, which are very beneficial for our health, according to experts, the clay inside the water is kept in the pot. Properties are found, due to which this water becomes even more healthy.

The water kept inside a pot made of clay remains cold because there are so many small pores present on the surface of the pot which is not visible to us with the naked eye, but in spite of this, the water slowly interacts with the same holes, due to which Moisture remains in the surface of the pot, due to which the water of the pot remains cold and drinking cold water of the pot not only quenches thirst but also helps to keep our body hydrated.

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Alkaline – Pot water fulfills the lack of alkaline in our body, many nutrients are present inside the soil to meet the needs of our body, in which iron and alkaline play a very important role, that is why when water is added to the pot. If kept, the properties present in the soil mix with the water, due to which the water of the pot becomes even more beneficial.

Alkaline water helps in flushing out the toxins present in our body, as well as it is very beneficial for our bones. Not only this but in much research, it has also been found that the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the body of those who drink alkaline water is also reduced.

Beneficial for pregnancy– The problem of constipation during pregnancy is a very common thing, but due to the alkaline presence in the pot water, problems like constipation can be relieved, that is why it is recommended to drink pot water during pregnancy. so that the problem of constipation does not arise

Sun Stock – Due to excessive heat and sunlight in the summer season, our body temperature starts increasing and dizziness also starts, in such a situation if a person drinks water from the pot, then it is very beneficial for him because of the soil. The minerals present in the water are also found and when the minerals present in our body come out together with sweat, it is helpful to meet its deficiency too.

Acidity and Digestion – Due to the water kept in the pot, the properties present in the soil get mixed in the water, due to which the problem of acidity gets relieved and it is also very beneficial for the digestive system, people who have digestive problems. Those people should consume water from the pot, the large intestine of the body absorbs water and helps in excreting the stool, which is a main part of the digestive system, that is why the water of the pot is beneficial for digestion.

For Throat – Fridge water is very cold that’s why drinking refrigerator water can spoil the throat and our body needs a proper temperature. Has an effect on the system whereas the water of the pot is cold but it is cold in a very small amount due to which it does not have any effect on the throat

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