What is micro computer? its parts, examples

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We also call micro computers as personal computers because these computers are designed for the use of a single user. In today’s time micro computers are used the most. Micro computers are very important for performing daily tasks.

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what is micro computer

Micro computers are small-sized computers in which a microprocessor is used instead of a CPU. Micro computers are designed for one person to use. Micro computer is an old word, now this word is used in place of personal computer. Micro computer can be used by only one person at a time.

In a microcomputer, the micro processor, RAM, ROM, input and output ports, interconnecting wires, are all housed in a single unit called the motherboard. Micro computers are used in homes, schools, colleges, offices etc. to perform general purpose tasks.

history of microcomputer

The term Micro Computer came into existence in 1970. Micro computers began to be manufactured with the introduction of the Intel 4004 microprocessor in 1971 and then the Intel 8008 and Intel 8080 microprocessors in 1972 and 1974 respectively.

The world’s first microcomputer was the Micral, which was launched in 1973 by Realization D’Etudes Electronics (R2E), which was based on the Intel 8008 micro processor. In 1974, the MCM/70 micro computer based on the Intel 8008 was acquired by Micro Computer Machines Inc. was launched by.

After Micral and MCM, the Altair 8800 became the first successful microcomputer to be used in businesses.

As the design of micro processor developed, so did the processing capacity of micro computer. By 1990 micro computers started spreading all over the world. In today’s time micro computer has become an integral part of human life.

parts of micro computer

Following are the major components of micro computer:

  1. Input Device – Input devices are those devices by which the user can give instructions to the digital computer. Such as keyboard, mouse, trackball etc.
  2. Micro Processor – Micro processor is used in place of CPU in micro computer. It controls the whole computer. When the user gives an instruction to the computer through an input device, the micro processor processes it.
  3. ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is a digital circuit in hardware whose function is to solve arithmetic, mathematical and logical calculations. Such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.
  4. Memory – Memory is used to store data. It is also called internal memory. When the computer runs a program after receiving the instructions, then all that data is in the internal memory. Like hard disk, SSD etc.
  5. Output Device – Output devices are connected to the computer. When the data is fully processed based on the inputs and ready to be displayed to the user, then on these output devices the user can view and access the results. Output devices are monitors, printers, plotters, etc.

Example of Micro Computer

We see many examples of micro computer in our daily life. You must also be using some micro computers yourself. Following are some examples of micro computers –

  • desktop
  • laptop
  • Mobile phone
  • android smartphone
  • Notebook
  • tablet
  • The calculator
  • Server
  • gaming console
  • Work station etc.

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Features of Micro computer

Some of the main features of micro computer are as follows –

  • Micro computers are the smallest computers in size.
  • Micro computers are used for personal use.
  • Only one person can work on a micro computer at a time.
  • Micro computer’s storage capacity, processing speed is less than other computers.
  • The cost of micro computer is very less as compared to others.
  • Micro computer consists of many types of software and applications through which the user can perform various tasks.

use of microcomputer

Micro computers are used to perform general-purpose tasks only. Following are some of the uses of micro computers –

  • for office work
  • For general use in homes
  • to create document
  • To watch videos, listen to songs, and play games.
  • to run the Internet.
  • For work like online banking, shopping, bill payment from home.
  • For video, and image editing.
  • Many software and applications are available in micro computers, through which users can perform various small tasks. You too must be doing different types of tasks in your mobile or computer. All of that are also the uses of micro computers.

advantages of microcomputer

Micro computer has many advantages such as –

  • Micro computers are small in size, due to which they are easy to move from one place to another.
  • Maintaining micro computer is also easy, most of the users fix the problems in their personal computer without any help.
  • Micro computer is easy to use. The user can use them with a little trial.
  • The cost of micro computer is very less as compared to any other computer. A person with a normal income can also buy a micro computer.
  • By connecting a microcomputer to the Internet, you can get different types of information.
  • Micro computers are the best computers for personal use.

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disadvantages of micro computer

Following are the disadvantages of micro computers –

  • Low power processors are used in micro computers, due to which their performance is less than super and mainframe computers.
  • The security of micro computers is not high, computer viruses can easily enter them.
  • Generally, the storage capacity of micro computer is not very high, so users use external devices like memory cards, pen drives etc. for storage.
  • If the micro computer is not kept in good care then it gets damaged very quickly due to fall and breakage.
  • Micro computer has many fun games, social sites which make a person addicted to micro computer. Due to the addiction of micro computer, a person is not able to concentrate on his work.

difference between micro computer and mini computer

micro computermini computer
It is a personal computer introduced in 1970 and used for general purpose.It is a small computer introduced in 1960 and used to conduct business and scientific applications.
Microcomputers are used by people for education and entertainment.Mini computers are used by companies to control manufacturing processes.
It is composed of single processing optimization.It is made of double processing optimization.
It uses a single microprocessor for the CPU which performs all the logic and arithmetic operations.It uses multiple processors.
The storage capacity is in terms of gigabytes (GB).Storage capacity is in terms of Terabyte (TB).
They are mainly used for word processing, managing databases or spreadsheets, graphics and general office applications.They are mainly used for process control, financial and administrative tasks, such as word processing and accounting.
It is more cost effective and easier to use than minicomputers.It is more expensive and difficult to use than a microcomputer.
It is very slow in speed and performance as compared to mini computer.It is faster in speed and performance than micro computer as it has multiprocessing system which is able to handle different users simultaneously.
Microcomputer uses magnetic tape and magnetic disk as storage devices.Minicomputers use magnetic disks or magnetic tapes for secondary storage.
It is less powerful than mini computer.It is more powerful than micro computer.

Conclusion: What is Microcomputer

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