What is PDF? What is the full form of PDF?

What is PDF? – Hello friends and welcome to the website. Friends, you may have heard the word PDF many times but do you know what it means. If you don’t know, it doesn’t matter because today I will tell you in this post what PDF is.

But friends, it is not enough for you to know what a PDF is, because in this article you will know what is the full form of a PDF as well as who created the PDF. And what is the use of PDF and how you can easily create a PDF, let us know what PDF.

Friends, these days people from all over the world are using PDF because pdf has become the document format of choice people, nowadays there are many document formats on the internet but people prefer to read and create documents from PDF only.

That is why PDF file is so popular in the market today and it is in high demand. People love PDF because we can read and write any document anytime and anywhere with the help of PDF on our phones.

If you want to create a beautiful document with the help of your phone or computer you can create any document other than PDF, in which you can write anything and you can design your written text, and if need be you feel that there is this place. Should have an image on, then you can also put an image in it.

You can also use colors and stickers to make it more stylish and beautiful. And once it’s done, you can easily share it with your friends and even people on the Internet.

What is the full form of PDF?

Friends, the full format of the PDF is Portable Document Format in English. Friends, this is a file format that allows you to easily access and read any document and also easily share it with your friends.

PDF full form

Friends, know in your English that the full form of PDF in English is Portable Document Format. But if you know its full form if not, for your information, let us inform you that the full form of PDF is a portable document format.

What is PDF?

Friends, now that you know the full form of PDF in both English language, friends, now you know what PDF is, friends, PDF was developed by Adobe system in the 1990s.

Which can be called file extension or format. PDF is used to read any document in digital form. Friends, you can convert any hard copy physical and digital files or documents with the help of PDF maker software, you can convert that document into an electronic document.

And then with the help of any third-party software or Adobe Reader, you can read the document you created and easily share it with your friends if needed.

What is the history of PDF?

Friends, as you know, we have been using PDF for a long time, PDF format is nothing new today, let me tell you that it already exists.

Friends, PDF was developed by Adobe System in the year 1990, and since then it has become very popular in the computer world. Friends, the smartphone was not so much at that time, which is why it was mostly used in computers.

Friends, nowadays we can easily use PDF in our phones but before it was not as prevalent as you can see.

If you download any document from the internet these days, most of you will see that document being downloaded only in PDF format.

Friends, in 1993, Adobe released its first version 1.0. And since Adobe has updated it many times, friends, in July 2017 came the new version 2.0 of PDF. In this update, the company has improved the PDF a lot and added some new features.

Friends, from 1993 to July 1, 2008, PDF was owned by Adobe, but in 2008 Adobe published a public patent license, according to which PDF is now royalty-free. As a result, any company and organization can now use the PDF as they wish.

How to read PDF file?

Friends, if you have a pdf file and you want to view it openly on your computer, mobile, or laptop, what is inside the pdf but you do not know how to open that pdf or do you have any problem opening it. For which you can’t read openly, it doesn’t matter because I will tell you how you can read PDF freely on your mobile, laptop, or your computer.

How to read PDF files on mobile?

Friends, if you want to open and read PDF files in your mobile phone, you do not need to download any new application as all the new smartphones of today already come with PDF readers installed.

But if PDF is not opening on your phone due to some problem, if you search by typing PDF reader and opening Play Store on your mobile, you will find a lot of applications. Now all you have to do is download a good app from it to your phone, then you can easily open and read PDF on your phone.

How to read a PDF file on a laptop or computer?

Friends, if your computer has a PDF file and you want to open and read it, you need to download software called Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop so that you can open and view your PDF file.

Friends, this software is very popular for work related to PDF on computers, friends, this software was also created by the same company whose PDF was recreated.

How to create a PDF file?

So friends, after reading this post you must have realized how important PDF is in our daily life and what is the benefit of PDF, friends, we use it frequently, and that is why it is important for you to know that PDF. How is a file created?

So, friends, you can create PDF from both mobile and laptops but there are different ways I am going to tell you the easiest way to create PDF, so first let’s talk about how to create it from a computer or laptop.

Friends, you can easily create a PDF on your computer through some online tools and software, but I will tell you how you can create a PDF from your computer without downloading any software, for this you must first install MS Word software on your laptop. You have to open it and then create whatever document you want.

You can then click Save As to save the document and then save the file to PDF. Doing so will save your PDF file to PDF.

Friends, it is much easier to create PDF from a mobile phone, for this you have to first open your play store and then search pdf maker in the search box.

You can download this app by clicking on the link given above, then after opening the app, you will need to upload and save any file you want to convert to PDF, then your PDF file will be created.


So, friends, I hope you liked the information provided by me and you have given today’s article pdf full form and what is pdf, as well as I have given complete information about pdf such as what is pdf history, pdf file Is. You must have understood all the information about how to read on your phone and on your laptop or computer.

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